About Us


You’ve got big dreams. You’re passionate about self-improvement. Hopefully your partner is on-board with you, even has dreams of their own. Maybe your better half isn’t quite on-board yet.

Unfortunately, you’re also overwhelmed. Unclear on what your next steps should be to get you and your partner on the same page with goals, aspirations, life!

You feel stuck. . . drifting.

We’ve totally been there.

And that’s one of the main reasons we started Half Better. We want to equip overwhelmed partnerships with the tools they need to gain clarity and achieve the relationship and life they want. 

We’ll empower you and yours with the resources to communicate effectively, be mindful, productive yet present, and live with intention.

Hi, we’re Lesley and Zachary.

She loves singing and baking. He loves podcasts and CrossFit. We both love learning about productivity, communication, and we’re always working to improve our amazing marriage and partnership.

Getting intentional about our lives has been key to us growing and thriving together. And we are confident that intentionality could do BIG things for you and your better half, too.

What are some of the changes we’ve seen:

  • we’ve paid off over $80,000 in debt

  • our “day job” careers have taken off

  • Zachary lost over 80 pounds

  • Lesley has successfully overcome an auto-immune illness

  • Lesley's anxiety, worry, and nagging dramatically decreased

  • we're more connected and confident about our marriage and parenting

  • we find ourselves productive and present

Want to experience similar benefits in your partnership? Listen to our podcast (we recommend the episode Where to Start) or peruse our blog and join our newsletter so you keep abreast of our upcoming projects.



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