Our work is dedicated to providing you with the resources, tools, and knowledge to become the best version of yourself, and therefore create the best partnership.

Learn how to set and achieve any dream or goal as a couple. In this free audio training, you’ll learn 4 four strategies to help you and your better half achieve more individually. . . and especially together. 

Here’s a question for you: You love personal development, but how do pursue personal growth within the context of a relationship? A lot of information out there is about how to grow and improve individually. But what do you do when you’re in a relationship?

On our podcast, Halfbetter, we explore how to become the best versions of ourselves, but our unique approach to personal development is that we focus on how to do that within a relationship. We discuss what we're learning, and each episode leaves you with actionable steps and new information so you can do the same - both as an individual and also within your partnership.  Because let’s face it, that adds a completely different element to the mix!

In a relationship, there are always three elements at play: you, your partner, and your relationship as a whole. If all three of these things are growing together, in the same direction, the things you can do and become are limitless!

Join our HB Community, and get inside tips on how to navigate personal development while also strengthening your relationship. Every other week, we’ll send you the best resources we’ve found, as well as videos detailing our takeaways and unique partner perspective on personal development. We will help you AND your relationship grow!

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Meet the hosts:

Hi, I’m one half, Lesley…


…and I’m the other half, Zachary.


She loves reading, singing, and hiking. He loves playing the guitar, podcasts, and CrossFit. We both love learning about productivity, communication, and always working to improve our amazing marriage and partnership.